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A cup of tea. -To enrich the lives of others.

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Did you know that each of us can enrich the lives of others? We can all in one way or another make a contribution to the lives of any human. Either way, in difficult situations, it is valuable to be there. Support and encourage.

Without realizing it, the COVID-19 pandemic brings us closer to this opportunity…. Help, bring out the best we have from within to pay attention to those who need it, with an extra challenge: doing it in isolation.

And a cup of tea or tisane gives us this possibility ... to share a cup of humanity. By inviting tea or tisane, we offer enrichment to people's lives because it is here that we offer them accompaniment that will transform into unity and strength.

So…. do not miss the moment of enriching your life by sharing a cup of tea or herbal tea. Because when I share tea or tisane I am offering my time to another person and this will become a union.

Giving a moment of tea is sitting down to share a teapot or cup, while we have a conversation; It is listening to my friends, it is canceling an outing to share a moment with my partner, it is making a space between my occupations to wait for my sister and spend the afternoon laughing and chattering. With this cup of tea or herbal tea, friendly conversations, and quality moments with others are generated. These everyday situations help enrich people's lives in a beautiful way.

Do something that makes a difference. Dare to be different from others? If you live with someone, share a special tea or tisane with this person. When you do this, do not think of yourself, but of your guest in doing it for the simple fact of doing it do not think if there has to be a special moment to do it, just dare and do it you will see what happens in the life of that person with this mug of tea or herbal tea. Rest assured that your life will benefit from that simple fact.

If it is your partner, neighbor, or your daughter, remember some of their preferences or if not reinvent and prepare a tea or tisane of your liking.

If you live alone, encourage someone to accompany you even if you are confined, do it by Zoom or WhatsApp to join the modernity of these times of confinement. Enjoy a few minutes or hours of their company and talk about all possible topics to pass the time chatting and laughing.

Another alternative, surprise someone in the place where you work. Some colleague that you still don't know well or with whom you have not had the opportunity to talk. And why not ... prepare a cup of tea or herbal tea, take it to that person with whom you think you have a disagreement, tea, and herbal teas make connections. There is nothing more beautiful than stimulating a smile in the other person.

Let us remember, what the writer Leo Tolstoy said "he who helps others helps himself" is also proven and confirmed by various studies carried out by psychologists and psychiatrists published in the journal Health Psychology and in the American Journal of Public Health that feeling accompanied by another person lengthens our lives.

There is also a phrase (one of my favorites) that says: "if you want to get there fast you have to walk alone, but if you want to go far you have to do it accompanied". This phrase sums up the strength of the union and the strength of the help.

All these positive emotions that we manage to appear when enriching the lives of others activate the Nervous System that cares for and repairs the body's tissues, favoring the cells of the body, extending and improving the lives of human beings but especially of people who they are all around us.

Meanwhile, I invite you to create a moment to enrich the lives of others, and also your life, all in the hands of a delicious cup of tea or tisane, and continue the journey of life.


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