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About us

  Ti-zahn provides a combination of organic and fair-trade teas and tisanes from around the world.

  We also supply products that accompany your cup of infusion perfectly. 

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the beginning

For a couple of years, I have been avidly searching for fresh leaf tea to add to my repertoire. As I sipped more and more delicious blends, I started to discover the pleasure of life within one of the world's most ancient beverages. 


During COVID-19, everything that I had learned came to fruition. The peace in the process of creating the beverage and then combining different leaves to make an even more delicious blend became a safe haven for me. All that I had learned I wanted to share so, I decided to begin Ti-zahn herbal tea in order to spread my passion for teas and tisanes.

This beverage is not only something that can bring joy to your tastebuds but it is also a concoction to help with ailments. Certain leaves can help you maintain good health, relieve pain, or help with anxieties.

Ti-zahn strives to offer flavors of the world in a cup of infusion that can become your process of delicious healing. 



Happy Sipping!



Elena’s love for traveling allowed her to explore the different beverages that surrounded her. Each beverage she encountered was a new flavor that enchanted her. Having her hands full with raising her children and working she never really had time to think

about starting a business.

But through COVID-19 she reawakened her fondness for teas and tisanes, beginning to plan and prepare

until finally, it came into existence.

 She works in the child nutrition service at schools in the Chula Vista District. She obtained a hands-on education about herbal infusions and teas.

Certificates & Recognitions

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Sofia has always had an interest in tea, her favorite beverage to drink she always experimented with different ways to drink tea.

She has always held an interest in the finer things in life, those moments that can never be exchanged and tea has been a part of those moments.

Wishing to share those experiences she fully supported and helped her mother begin her business.

She has experience

Sofia has graduated high school as the class of 2020. She is currently a student at the University of California, Los Angeles and plans to graduate as a philosophy major.

Certificates & Recognitions

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Lucia supports Ti-zahn through her artisan creativity. Binge-watching crafting videos and trying those crafts has played a tremendous part in her love for creating. Besides taking care of the social side of Ti-zahn

she also runs her own tie-dye business on Etsy.

She spends her summers in art and

leadership workshops where they help her

develop her creativity and perseverance.

Lucia is currently a junior in high school

who aspires to study medicine.

Certificates & Recognitions



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